Most law firms will do anything to avoid trial. But Shook believes that sophisticated litigation management should provide clients the best available outcomes based on a credible threat of trial and trying cases that should be tried.

Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM is first and foremost a partnership. Tailored to your priorities and your business and legal needs, our model builds on the unparalleled depth of experience accumulated by Shook’s trial attorneys over decades of trying cases. Our legal teams have the experience to know the right things to do and the skills to do those things the right way the first time.

We created Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM to help in-house counsel take a holistic—and strategic—approach to anticipating and controlling their litigation spend. Unlike “cookie-cutter” case management solutions that seek to avoid trial at all costs, our client-centric convergence model allows law departments to partner with Shook’s legal team to triage their litigation portfolio, target priority objectives to relieve burdens on the company and effectively resolve cases while curtailing future filings to reduce ballooning dockets.

How does Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM work?

Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM provides a partnership based on trust, collaboration, innovation and incentive to deliver a holistic strategy to exceed your company’s expectations. We start by conducting a deep-dive assessment of your existing docket to identify trends, relative exposures and obstacles to your success.

We identify exit paths for those cases the company should resolve and prioritize resources for those cases where the company should stand its ground to arrest the prevailing claim and litigation trends. Shook is proactive in understanding the product, service or conduct at issue; the client’s perspective and the business implications of the claims against it; and the potential impact of cases on other or future litigation.

Hand-in-hand with you, Shook’s team will develop a clear roadmap to implement the strategic plan for effectively managing your claims and litigation portfolio. We move quickly and effectively. We leverage technology. We provide transparency and deliver reporting tailored to your company’s culture and expectations. We also collaborate with clients to build institutional knowledge and share our lessons learned with the business teams to mitigate future risk and avoid new claims and lawsuits. Plus, we capture metrics that provide you objective analytics to help visualize the success achieved and the value of Coefficient™ for your boardroom.

What makes Coefficient Litigation Management™ different from other programs?

Many law firms promise effective litigation management, but few deliver complete and continuous service from strategic early case assessment all the way through trial and beyond. Our program is uniquely designed to:

  • Complete strategic early case assessment within 120 days, giving you a clear roadmap of what lies ahead.
  • Limit the cost and business disruption of litigation by understanding what “success” means to your company.
  • Identify the right cases to try to strategically curtail future threats and preserve the reputation of your company and stakeholders.

We staff teams with members familiar with the industry, business and type of litigation involved and legal issues faced and who know how to deliver the best available results in the most cost-effective manner. And Shook’s quality attorneys are great people—people you will like and enjoy working with on your cases.

Who benefits from Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM?

Our litigation management program benefits both privately and publicly held organizations with diverse litigation dockets ranging from product liability to breach of contract, including fatalities, personal injuries, property damage and commercial losses. In particular, Shook’s Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM solution is ideal for:

  • Companies with lean legal departments and significant litigation, including growing dockets.
  • Companies undertaking portfolio risk assessments in order to reduce exposures and improve outcomes.
  • Companies who needed a fresh approach to manage their litigation and provide added value to key stakeholders.

Shook’s long-standing experience in this space means that we aren’t experimenting on your dime. We have honed Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM working with multiple clients to get you the best results on time and within budget.

Shook’s teams learn from our past efforts and continuously streamline the workflow and approach, leveraging new technology and implementing new solutions to deliver even better service and results. We also collaborate with clients for joint projects to enhance the partnership, achieve greater efficiencies and relieve the burden of litigation on the in-house teams.

Shook is proud to share the experience of our internal practice support, project management, training and professional development teams to enhance the Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM client experience. Our client metrics show that over time, our clients’ litigation portfolios have gone down, from both enhanced case resolutions and reduced new case filings and these clients have experienced a decline in legal spend as well as indemnity spend. Many clients also realize tangible and intangible benefits in their relationships with insurers because of the robust predictability and consistent results, year over year, with Coefficient Litigation ManagementTM.

Why choose Shook for your litigation management needs?

Shook was the first firm to be recognized by the ACC more than seven years ago for its groundbreaking work in case management and “effectively driving value by cutting spending, improving predictability and achieving better legal outcomes.” It has since proved its mettle two more times as an ACC Value Champion.

Over the last 15 years, one Fortune 100 company has assigned 3,300+ matters—including a mix of complex product, commercial and general liability issues—to this program and experienced continued, year over year, positive results, including:

  • Reduced case count,
  • Reduced new case filings,
  • Decreased all-in litigation and indemnity spend.

This client’s commitment to Shook’s holistic approach to its litigation portfolio allows the company to focus on its business while containing (and reducing) its spend and exposure and mitigating its risk for the future. With fewer pending matters, routinely reduced cycle time and case resolutions that outpace new case filings, this client enjoys a greater than 50-percent rate of no-pay resolutions of its cases. And when it should, this client tries cases that need to be tried—all of which taken together gives this client control of its litigation destiny.

“We commend Shook, Hardy & Bacon for being champions for change in the legal industry.” 

(Veta T. Richardson, ACC President and CEO.)

Shook is the only law firm to receive the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Value Champion award five times (2012, 20132015, 2020, 2021) for our work to improve the results and efficiency of legal spend and case cycle time. This national recognition is a testament to Shook’s commitment to developing tailored solutions for each client. Shook has been selected to sit on the ACC Council of Champs, a program which enlists former Value Champion award winners to provide consulting services. The program is built around instilling value-based principles and innovation in corporate partners’ legal departments by calling on the members of the council to identify and advise on value-driven initiatives.


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