Shook believes that our clients are best served by open discussions around fee structures. To this end, we offer many options for financial arrangements not tied to the billable hour, including fixed fees, capped fees, performance-based fees and blended hourly rates. Popular because they provide transparency and predictability, these arrangements are structured to produce results that will exceed client expectations.

  • Annual Fixed Fees: We have negotiated fixed-fee agreements with leading companies in such areas as class actions, product liability, general liability, employment and business litigation. The fixed-fee model can be applied to a single matter, portfolio of matters, or even certain phases of litigation.
  • Contingency/Reverse Contingency Arrangements: We are committed to aligning our team with the interests of our clients. To this end, we have explored a variety of flexible arrangements with companies, including working on contingency, reverse contingency or a similar hybrid arrangement.
  • Capped (“Not-to-Exceed”) Fee: Under this framework, litigation is divided into phases, with a not-to-exceed dollar amount set for each phase. If the total monthly billings for a particular phase are less than the not-to-exceed amount, the unused portion may be carried over to increase the not-to-exceed amount for the next phase.
  • Performance-Based Billing: We use a modified performance-based billing approach with some of our national litigation clients. Under this arrangement, the matters are billed at standard hourly rates, but a portion of the fee is held back based on the outcome.
  • Blended Hourly Rates: Blended rates are available for certain litigation phases or entire cases.
  • Per-Page Pricing: We have used per-page pricing for document review projects.

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