Companies that make, use or dispose of regulated substances must be prepared to address not only toxic tort and exposure litigation, but private cost recovery actions under CERCLA and other complex multiparty matters and business disputes.

Strategic problem solvers who win tough cases, Shook, Hardy & Bacon attorneys have helped clients with the full range of environmental matters, including private actions involving environmental liability and allocation of responsibilities; real estate and property disputes; environmental claims in bankruptcies and corporate restructuring; and insurance coverage litigation. In addition to citizen suits brought by consumer interest groups under the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act, we have successfully resolved cases touching on successor liability issues, surface property rights and alleged property damage. We possess significant experience with CERCLA matters pertaining to former manufactured gas plant locations, landfills, dry cleaning facilities, and drum recycling facilities, as well as private lawsuits and class action lawsuits involving regional groundwater contamination allegedly associated with chlorinated solvent contamination from numerous industrial facilities.

When appropriate, we may also use our expertise in alternative dispute resolution to resolve environmental disputes involving multiple parties. Our attorneys have represented many clients in formal and informal ADR proceedings and have been retained as neutral mediators in more than 40 Superfund cases throughout the United States.