The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulates more than 15,000 consumer products in and around the home, athletic and recreation facilities, and schools. Manufacturers and retailers face new regulations, a more aggressive and well-funded CPSC, and significantly higher penalties for noncompliance.  When a company needs advice on its product safety compliance measures, Shook, Hardy & Bacon can provide counsel to minimize the risk of costly government enforcement actions and litigation. 

Our attorneys can help you evaluate reporting obligations, develop and implement product recalls, and answer your compliance questions. We have partnered with companies that make toys, cell phones, sporting goods, boilers, propane gas cylinders and other products to design fast-track recalls and negotiate settlements with CPSC. 

Shook’s public policy attorneys can also help you shape the laws, regulations and policies that govern CPSC.  We participate in stakeholder meetings, testify before and file comments with federal agencies on new regulations, and work with key congressional committees on CPSC-related legislation and oversight.  We have also supported consumer product makers in challenges to CPSC actions by filing amicus briefs on behalf of groups representing manufacturers and small businesses.

Shook’s broad range of expertise—covering commercial law to product liability litigation—places us in an unrivaled position to address consumer product issues whenever they arise.  Our attorneys are prepared to assist clients with pre-launch risk assessments—including the formulation of product instructions, labeling and warnings—as well as media relations, settlements, and, if needed, litigation.