The frontier of digital health technology has expanded to include mobile phones, wearable and implantable devices, clinical cloud platforms, surgical robotics, blockchain solutions, and artificial intelligence in an increasingly competitive—and collaborative—marketplace.

Shook, Hardy & Bacon takes a holistic approach to the digital health and mHealth lifecycle, providing regulatory, data privacy, and intellectual property counseling as well as antitrust protection, product liability defense and legislative advocacy for the world’s leading innovators.

Our multidisciplinary teams include not only former FDA, FTC and SEC lawyers, but certified IAPP fellows and dozens of attorneys with deep technical backgrounds in health care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software and computer engineering.

In addition to successfully resolving complex commercial and product liability litigation, Shook has helped our life science, medical- and software-technology clients:

  • Navigate evolving clinical trial compliance requirements and respond to regulatory correspondence issued by FDA;
  • Implement strategic product development by crafting licensing and transactional agreements, conducting clearance and freedom to operate analyses and securing and protecting IP;
  • Perform privacy, data security and product liability risk assessments for the rollout of new medical devices and mobile applications.