Shook Attorneys Edit, Contribute to ABA's A Practitioner's Guide to Class Actions

Shook attorneys in the Class Action and Complex Litigation Group partnered with attorneys across the firm to edit and contribute to the American Bar Association's A Practitioner's Guide to Class Actions, Third Edition.

Since the publication of A Practitioner's Guide to Class Actions, Second Edition in 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court has continued to decide class action issues each year, involving everything from standards of proof to pre-certification expert witness challenges to class action waivers in arbitration. Those decisions have had a trickle-down effect on the federal circuit and district courts, as well as the jurisprudence of the many states. Additionally, the rise of automotive and privacy classes necessitated brand new chapters on those claims. The Third Edition also includes a new chapter on Damages in class actions that contains a discussion of common methods of proof in consumer class actions, such as conjoint surveys and regression methods.

As a much-needed current resource for practitioners, this comprehensive guide provides in-depth knowledge of the many intricacies of a class action lawsuit along with a valuable, state-by-state analysis of the ways in which the class action rules differ from the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23.

Shook's contributions include:

Information on purchasing both volumes of the third edition is available at the ABA's website.