Creditors in today’s volatile economic climate come to Shook, Hardy & Bacon for assistance with commercial recoveries that require prompt and predictable resolutions.

Our attorneys partner with corporate counsel and credit departments to recover funds while preserving the business practices and relationships that ensure long-term sustainability. To this end, we offer a fully integrated program of legal services to centralize and improve corporate recovery management and litigation, including: pre-litigation recovery; single-firm management of a 50-state solution for receivables litigation; and in-depth knowledge of receivables management at every stage. 

Our 360-degree approach addresses the following issues:

  • Contract and warranty compliance: Are suppliers and other third parties being held to contract terms and are there instances where a remedy should be pursued?
  • Real estate assessments: Should assessments be reviewed or challenged?
  • Class action disbursements, bankruptcy filings and unclaimed property: Are the key legal processes centralized in an efficient manner that captures the correct notices and allows them to be submitted and monitored to maximize recoveries?
  • Collections from customers and vendor overpayments: Are there applicable matters involving significant business concerns or larger balances where a difference approach is appropriate?
  • Operational disruptions resulting in lost production or damages: Do equipment failures, power outages, or similar situations create a recovery scenario such that a third party is responsible for losses?

Additionally, our team provides bankruptcy counseling and litigation; regulatory compliance counseling; counterclaim and class action defense; consumer claim defense; contractual language advice; and general counseling in all aspects of receivables management. Our attorneys provide creative strategies that have proven successful in resolving matters quickly, favorably and within a reasonable cost structure.