Shook, Hardy & Bacon thrives on the type of complex cutting-edge legal issues that make the practice of law challenging, rewarding and fun. Add a collegial work environment that encourages an enthusiastic team to excel as professionals, and the results are motivated attorneys who are able to realize their potential as advocates, advisors and leaders. Fueled by complex legal issues, Shook's summer program provides practical training with an insider’s view of an intense and challenging legal culture. Frequently Asked Questions>

Work Assignments

Summer associates at Shook, Hardy & Bacon receive a mix of assignments, work with a cross-section of attorneys and are included in the everyday life of the firm. We allow summer associates to choose their own assignments from all represented practice areas to allow them to learn about day-to-day practice in multiple areas of the law and determine their preferred practice areas. In addition to their work assignments, the summer associates are invited to attend court appearances, depositions, client meetings and other professional activities with the attorneys in the firm.

Summer associates also have an opportunity to work on pro bono matters during the summer. Low-income communities have long struggled to overcome a justice gap problem that is only widening in a global pandemic. That’s why Shook provides over 30,000 pro bono hours annually and has hired a full-time partner to direct our pro bono program. Not only do attorneys receive automatic billable credit for up to 50 hours each year, but additional hours also contribute to bonus eligibility.

Training and Mentoring

Shook offers summer associates several training opportunities in a variety of skills, including a writing workshop, a negotiation program, an in-house trial practice program and a multitude of interesting lectures and presentations. A series of weekly luncheons and presentations provide additional insight into Shook’s practice groups and various committees in the firm. We also encourage our summer associates to attend any other training classes sponsored by the firm that may be of interest to them.

Each summer associate is paired with a supervising attorney who assists in acclimating their summer associate to the firm and serves as a resource for information and advice throughout the summer. The supervising attorneys guide the summer associates through all aspects of the summer program, from professional development to specific work assignments to social integration. Our hope is the summer associates will feel comfortable asking their supervising attorney informal and substantive questions that arise during the summer.

Social Events/Firm Culture

Shook welcomes its summer associates with activities in and out of the office. Cultural and sporting events, weekend outings and dinner parties at partners’ homes help familiarize summer associates with the larger Shook community and the city in which they are working.

Evaluation Process

Summer associates are evaluated on every project they complete during the summer.  The assigning attorney for the project will provide direct feedback to the summer associate upon completion of the project. In addition, the summer associate’s supervising attorney will receive the completed project evaluations and will also provide feedback to their summer associate. The Search Committee will track the evaluations throughout the summer and address issues if they arise.

To determine who will receive offers of employment following a summer at Shook, Hardy & Bacon, the firm looks for summer associates who demonstrate initiative and interest in our practice and who wish to practice law at Shook. We require summer associates to submit work product demonstrating their excellent written, analytical and organizational skills. A summer associate should also maintain a notable academic record and be a true team player.

Shook Scholars Institute - A Diversity & Inclusivity Fellowship Program

The Shook Scholars Institute is an innovative diversity and inclusion development program with concentration in the areas of litigation and trial skills, inclusive leadership development and career success strategies. This three-day intensive program is designed to give first-year law students the rare opportunity to learn from a litigation powerhouse in an interactive, small group setting led by Shook’s attorneys. Learn more in our digital brochure about how to apply for the Shook Scholars Institute.

Shook Diversity & Inclusivity Scholarships

We are pleased to offer Shook Diversity & Inclusivity Scholarships which award eligible, outstanding first-year and second-year law students with a renewable scholarship to offset the expenses of a legal education. This scholarship program is part of our commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within our firm and the legal profession. Learn more in our digital brochure about how to apply for and renew the Shook Diversity & Inclusivity Scholarship.


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Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. participates in E-Verify.