Podcast: Impact Litigation Through Pro Bono with Scot Fishman

Companies are starting to be more intentional about corporate footprints whether that’s choosing vendors, reviewing their supply chain process and in general, how they conduct business. For many law firms, purposeful activity is revealed via pro bono projects. Often these come through legal aid organizations. Unfortunately, eight out of every ten people who ask for help are turned away due to lack of resources.

How does a law firm choose the kinds of pro bono projects it wants to take on and what are the most common? Some firms are considering “impact litigation” in an effort to go beyond helping individuals and targeting legal issues that involve systemic problems facing our communities—cases that make an even larger impact. Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough speaks with Partner Scot Fishman, the director of pro bono as part of Shook’s Environmental Social and Governance podcast series, E2 – Examining ESG + litigation risks.

This podcast is also available at Law.com.