Podcast: Legalweek 2024 with Patrick Oot

What makes a law firm one that other law firms enjoy working with? According to Shook Partner Patrick Oot, the answer starts with firm culture, but also extends to how law firms interact with each other.

Oot shared his thoughts on the subject with the Legal Speak podcast, recorded in-person at ALM’s Legalweek 2024 in New York City, while discussing the firm’s Complex Litigation Strategic Counseling Practice Group. Oot said the practice group's aim is to meet clients’ needs for virtual law firm environments that allow multiple firms to work together on cases.

Podcast host Alaina Lancaster, ALM Litigation Editor, asked Oot what makes a law firm a great partner to other law firms. To start, Oot said that Shook, Hardy & Bacon “is just a great place to work.”

“We just have deep, core firm values of everyone gets along, we’re all great friends,” he said. “It’s a true partnership. I think that’s why we play well in the sandbox with others.”

Oot added that collaboration, regular check-ins, the division of responsibility and “making sure everybody has an understanding of their swim lanes” is critical, as well as keeping a constant focus on strategy.


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