Source - Highly Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Update | Quick Hits | June 5, 2019

Highly Automated and Connected Vehicles Update | Quick Hits

Daimler Trucks Launches Autonomous Technology Group

Peter Vaughan Schmidt will lead the Daimler Autonomous Technology Group out of Stuttgart, Germany. The group will focus on getting SAE Level 4 autonomous trucks on the road within a decade and is backed by a $570 million investment. Daimler recently acquired the automated driving company Torc Robotics.

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Addressing Motion Sickness in Autonomous Vehicles

Volkswagen announced that it is working on ways to combat motion sickness in autonomous vehicles. Motion sickness can affect up to one-third of the population, and that number may increase as driverless vehicles become more widely available.

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Neolix Began Mass-Producing Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles

Neolix, a Chinese startup, has started mass-producing self-driving delivery vans. The delivery vans do not require a package handler, but they require a person present at the destination to receive the package or a prearranged delivery location on the ground floor.

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The Next $2 Trillion Industry: ROBO-TAXIs

The UBS Evidence Lab estimates that the robo-taxi industry may be a $2 trillion industry by 2030. The lab considered how robo taxis could optimize routes and connect riders, contributing to a reduction of the number of taxis and a higher profit margin for manufacturers.

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