Source - Highly Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Update | Quick Hits | June 26, 2019

Highly Automated and Connected Vehicles Update | Quick Hits

Local Motors Unveils Olli Fleet Challenge

Local Motors has invited municipalities, campuses and designated districts to propose short-term uses for Olli in Washington and Oregon as part of a global initiative, the Olli Fleet Challenge. Entry for the competition closes on August 26, 2019.

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Waymo to Pick Up Passengers in Autonomous Cars in California

The California Public Utilities Commission has given Waymo a permit that grants its employees and their friends and family permission to ride in the fully autonomous Chrysler Pacifica within specific neighborhoods. The autonomous Jaguar I-PACE is expected to receive similar permits shortly.

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Mercedes and BMW Team Up on Autonomous Driving Technology

BMW and Mercedes have committed 1,200 autonomous technicians and are sharing a data storage center dedicated to the technology in an attempt to rapidly build driver-assist programs. This collaboration led to BMW’s announcement that it will release a Level 3 autonomous car in 2021 and Mercedes will plan to begin producing a Level 4 vehicle by 2024.

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Walmart to Test Self-Driving Delivery Trucks

Walmart has announced it will test robot trucks to transport goods between its warehouses. The company has reported that it will start testing the self-driving trucks along a two-mile route in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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