Source - Highly Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Update | Quick Hits | August 14, 2019

Highly Automated and Connected Vehicles Update | Quick Hits

Autonomous Shuttle Launches in Brooklyn

Optimus Ride has launched the first self-driving shuttle in New York City, which will transport passengers between the ferry and the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Approximately 500 passengers per day will be transported, or more than 16,000 passengers per month.

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Hackers Descend on DEF CON Security Convention to Expose Security Vulnerabilities in Vehicles

Las Vegas, Nevada, is hosting the DEF CON security convention, which will attract approximately 25,000 attendees—including hackers who will attempt to expose security vulnerabilities in autonomous vehicles. Previous conventions have allowed hackers to escape a vehicle by deciphering the code to open the trunk, control the radio volume and lock the doors. The event provides a rare opportunity for manufacturers to learn about their vehicles’ vulnerabilities without an actual breach.

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Electrify America Developing Robotic Charging Systems for AV

Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America has contracted Stable Auto to deploy robotic charging infrastructure for self-driving vehicles. The company aims to address the absence of dedicated charging facilities for autonomous vehicles.

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Unmanned Self-Driving Bicycle Developed

Tsinghua University scientists have reportedly developed a self-driving bicycle prototype that contains an AI chip allowing for verbal commands and integrated obstacle avoidance. The AI chip is using the Spiking Neural Network, which emulates the human brain.

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