Keenan Highlights Pro Bono Work in IADC Newsletter

Shook Partner Matt Keenan, who serves as chair of the International Association of Defense Counsel’s (IADC’s) Social Justice Pro Bono Committee, contributed an editorial and call to action to the association’s members to join him in donating his time and efforts to pro bono legal work. 

Keenan describes Sister Janice, a nun he met as a child who has devoted her life to helping the poor. He met her again later in life, after he became chair of Shook’s Pro Bono practice, and he suggested that they collaborate to help with the legal issues of those in need. Since then, Shook has partnered with Sister Janice to help resolve issues faced by those she meets in Garden City, Kansas, from “the simple case of a Medicare lien assessed against the home of the widow in need of a compromise" to a more complicated case of woman from Guatemala seeking asylum in the United States.

“All of us have a Sister Janice in our lives,” Keenan concludes. “A fighter who benefits from someone with deeper pockets and the institutional support that comes with a law firm. If this description fits you, then come join our Committee.”