Keenan Joins Roundtable on Product Liability Defense

Shook Partner Matt Keenan has participated in a roundtable on product liability defense for Who's Who Legal. Keenan comments on developments in product liability, third-party funding, globalization in litigation, challenges facing companies launching innovative products, and the future of product liability litigation.

"In the near future, courts will struggle with the practical limitations of impanelling jurors and instructing them to not consult with evidence outside the courtroom," Keenan said. "The notion of digital addiction, particularly with the younger demographic groups, is no longer a hypothetical concept. Experts are predicting that this may force quicker verdicts, as jurors demand to be reconnected with society. 'Fear of missing out' may not be simply limited to social media. It may influence the speed of deliberations, the tolerance for longer evidence, and a demand to wrap things up so they can get on with their normal routine: staring at their phone."