Martucci and Johns Contribute Chapter to Getting the Deal Through: Employment

Shook Partner Bill Martucci and Associate Cathryn Johns have contributed a chapter on employment law in Washington, D.C., to Lexology's Getting the Deal Through: Employment: North America. The chapter covers several topics, including the employment relationship, hiring, wage and hour, discrimination, labor relations and privacy.

"D.C. law affords greater protections to workers than federal law alone, and recent additions to D.C.’s legal landscape suggest a continued push in that direction," Martucci and Johns explain. "For instance, the DC Human Rights Act (DCHRA) protects more groups than federal civil rights law and was recently updated to be even more expansive, D.C.’s new $15.00 minimum wage is well above the federal minimum, and, as of the summer of 2020, D.C. is beginning to offer generous paid family leave."