Sandrock: The New Antitrust, 2022-2023

Antitrust is in the news. Old cartoons showing octopus-monopolist tentacles destroying Washington are no longer just for American history textbooks. Lina Khan—who rose to prominence with an article attacking the Chicago School of antitrust caution—chairs the FTC. Anti-tech crusader Jonathan Kanter is the head of the Antitrust Division. The DOJ is litigating a historic case against Google. Senators are declaring economic concentration to be the root cause of inflation, Main Street decline, and many other ills. But, at the same time, defendants have prevailed in cases against the DOJ and FTC and commentators are warning against government overreach. What has happened in antitrust in the past year? What might happen next year?

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This article was first published by the Association of Corporate Counsel Tampa Bay.