Product Recall Bulletin | February 2019

When faced with a product recall, you need to know what to do, how to do it, and fast. The 2019 edition of Product Recall - Getting the Deal Through provides a concise and practical tool to navigate a recall situation. Covering more than 20 jurisdictions, this publication is a go-to resource if the unexpected happens.

The position in the UK is of particular note as recent changes in recall guidance are impacting how businesses manage product safety. A Code of Practice on Consumer Product Safety Related Recalls has been introduced by the UK government. Its introduction comes in a climate in which consumers are demanding that manufacturers and those in the supply chain take greater responsibility in recalling unsafe products. The Code provides guidance regarding monitoring, risk assessment, notification of regulators and corrective action, with a particularly strong emphasis on the preparation of a product safety incident plan (PSIP).

The Code of Practice provides clarity as to what UK regulators expect from businesses that are active in the UK market and a benchmark for businesses to determine whether the measures that they currently have in place will meet the expectations of the regulators. Distributors in the UK now commonly require sight of a PSIP before entering into any supply agreements with manufacturers. Not having a PSIP could effectively be a barrier to trading in the UK.

With many manufacturers having global supply chains, the 20 jurisdictions covered in the Product Recall publication provide an invaluable tool in the global navigation of a fast-paced recall.

Shook contributors Jason Harmon, Alison Newstead, Harley Ratliff and Devin Ross look forward to answering any questions that you may have.