Changes Impacting US Business: UK Insurance and EU Data Protection

This Shook, Hardy & Bacon webinar discusses upcoming changes that will affect U.S.-based companies operating in the European Union (EU). Partner Alison Newstead and Associate Andrew Davidson address how the UK Insurance Act will transform the landscape for insurance policies governed by English law or placed through the London market. Effective August 12, 2016, the Act will also influence market practices in some of the biggest changes seen in over a century. Moving onto data privacy, Partner Sarah Croft sets out the implications‎ of the new  stricter EU General Data Protection Regulation, focusing on how the extra territorial reach of this legislation will impact companies outside Europe. Of Counsel Camila Tobon then addresses the effects of the EU/U.S. Privacy Shield on the framework for data transfers to the United States, as well as the implications of the EU Commission’s anticipated formal adoption of the adequacy decision. For more information, please contact any of our panelists.