Schwartz Publishes in Executive Counsel

SHB Partner Victor Schwartz has published an article in Executive Counsel about the ways plaintiffs' lawyers are using state consumer-protection laws to bring products claims in the guise of false and deceptive practices suits.  According to the article, titled "Consumer Protection Acts are a Springboard for Lawsuit Abuse," some courts have actually allowed mass class actions to proceed against corporate defendants under these types of laws, even where plaintiffs do not show that they saw the purportedly "deceptive" advertisements at issue, relied on them or suffered any damage.  Schwartz calls for corporate support of civil justice reform movements that are attempting to rein in the broad scope of such statutes.  He further suggests that corporations, at the very least, seek outside review of their advertising campaigns to avoid any possibility that their statements could be perceived as deceptive by the general public.  To view the article, please click here .