Allinder and Fowler Author Article on Mass Torts

SHB Partners Bill Allinder and Greg Fowler have co-authored an article with Lockheed counsel C. Douglas Goins titled “A Framework for Managing Mass Tort Litigation” in the September 2007 issue of DRI’s In-House Defense Quarterly. Describing six basic elements essential to promoting “ a consistent, coordinated, centralized, and cost-effective defense for a mass tort company defendant,” the authors recommend that companies first establish “an effective litigation management structure” by engaging national counsel with expertise in complex litigation and “extensive auxiliary resources, such as stable associations with top-notch counsel in numerous jurisdictions.” National and in-house counsel can then work together to (i) determine the important fact on which the litigation will turn, (ii) prepare a risk assessment, (iii) develop a corporate-litigation strategy, (iv) create a centralized information management and communication system, and (v) develop a litigation budget that reflects the strategic plan. “In mass tort litigation, a national counsel structure and national litigation strategy is more a necessity than a luxury,” the authors conclude. To view the article, please click here.