SHB Attorneys Recognized as "Super Lawyers"

Fifty-eight SHB attorneys have been singled out by Law & Politics for special recognition in various state editions of Super Lawyers 2007, an annual guide to outstanding practitioners. Nominations for Super Lawyers are received through peer recognition ballots, and additional candidates are identified through an independent search. Final candidates are then graded on a point scale based on experience, professional achievements, bar activities, pro bono and community service, and scholarly lectures and writings. Only 5 percent of each state's lawyers are listed.

Kansas City Partners Rob Adams and Harvey Kaplan were named to the "Top 10" list in Missouri and Kansas Super Lawyers. Partners Leanne DeShong, Madeleine McDonough, Carol Poindexter, Terry Satterlee, and Marie Woodbury were included among the "Top 50 Women" from Missouri and Kansas, while Rob Adams, Dave Erickson, Harvey Kaplan, Bill Martucci, and Pat McLarney were honored among Kansas City's "Top 50" practitioners. Partner Tim Pratt was among the two states' "Top 100" Super Lawyers.

SHB Kansas City partners named to Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers and the categories for which they were recognized include: Rob Adams (General Litigation); Bill Allinder (Civil Litigation Defense); Mark Anstoetter (Environmental Litigation); Gene Balloun (Business Litigation); Jim Beck (Health Care); Ron Bodinson (Real Estate); Ed Bullard (Real Estate); Walt Cofer (Civil Litigation Defense); Stan Davis (Business Litigation); Leanne DeShong (Class Action/Mass Torts); Dave Erickson (Environmental Litigation); Laura Fey (Personal Injury Plaintiff: Products); Roger Geary (General Litigation); Justin Johl (Employment & Labor); John Johnston (Environmental Litigation); Harvey Kaplan (Civil Litigation Defense); Matt Keenan (Personal Injury Defense: General); Gary Long, (Class Action/Mass Torts); Bill Martucci (Employment Defense: Defense); Madeleine McDonough (Civil Litigation Defense); Pat McLarney (Business Litigation); Mark Moedritzer (Bankruptcy & Creditor/Debtor Rights); Mike Moeller (Personal Injury Defense: General); Jim Muehlberger (Class Action/Mass Torts); John Murphy (Personal Injury Defense: Products); Jim Newsom (Business Litigation); Tim O’Brien (General Litigation); Carol Poindexter (Health Care); Tim Pratt (Class Action/Mass Torts); Joe Rebein (Antitrust Litigation); Todd Ruskamp (Business Litigation); Bill Sampson (Business Litigation); Terry Satterlee (Environmental); Scott Sayler (Civil Litigation Defense); Andy See (Civil Litigation Defense); Stan Sexton (Civil Litigation Defense); Jay Simpson (Tax); Gay Tedder (Civil Litigation Defense); Gene Voigts (Civil Litigation Defense); Stan Weiner (Tax); George Wolf (Civil Litigation Defense); and Marie Woodbury (Civil Litigation Defense).

SHB Houston Super Lawyers include Partners Scott McLaughlin (Employment & Labor) and Gene Williams (Civil Litigation Defense).

Earlier in 2007, SHB attorneys from Miami, Tampa, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. were named Super Lawyers. SHB Miami attorneys named as Florida Super Lawyers include Partners John Barkett (Alternative Dispute Resolution); Norm Coll (Civil Litigation Defense); Bill Geraghty (Personal Injury Defense); Ed Moss (Business Litigation); Eileen Moss (Civil Litigation Defense); Darrell Payne (Business Litigation); Paul Reid (Personal Injury Defense); Tom Sherouse (Personal Injury Defense); and Dick Smith (Business Litigation). Partner Jim Murphy of SHB Tampa was also recognized as a Florida Super Lawyer.

SHB San Francisco Partner Frank Kelly (General Litigation) was recognized as a California Super Lawyer, and Partners David Douglass (Criminal Defense: White Collar) and Victor Schwartz (Political Law) as Washington, D.C. Super Lawyers.