Shook Among “Strongly Recommended Law Firms” in New BTI Report

Shook, Hardy & Bacon is among an elite group of “strongly recommended law firms” identified in BTI Consulting Group’s 2013 “Benchmarking Corporate Counsel Management Strategies” report.

BTI identified 650 “core firms” that provide legal services to Fortune 1000 companies. BTI surveyed Fortune 1000 corporate counsel and identified just 42 firms, including Shook, that survey respondents most frequently identified as firms they would recommend.

In describing the results, the report states, “Corporate counsel stand up and take notice when a peer corporate counsel offers an unprompted recommendation about a law firm. Few actions replace a peer backing a law firm with their own reputation. BTI is pleased to delineate the law firms corporate counsel recommend to peers without prompting or suggestion. The 42 firms on (the list) enjoy the backing of corporate counsel who earn the conviction of this rare achievement.”