Martucci Quoted by Law360 on Technology-Related ADA Claims Against Retailers

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Employment Litigation & Policy Partner William Martucci was quoted in a May 23, 2014, Law360 article about advice to retail clients facing claims alleging that point-of-sale (POS) technologies, such as card payment machines, that fail to accommodate the sight-impaired may violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Titled “Battling Blind POS Suits May Be Lost Cause for Retailers,” the article discusses how some of these devices impose obstacles to the blind and reports on court decisions requiring commercial facilities and places of public accommodation to make these technological advances accessible. Noting that he advises clients using these technologies to make them as accessible as reasonably possible, Martucci states, “Frankly, that builds a customer base and a potential employee base that’s favorable. This enlightened approach that really embraces trying to make it work often results in a very strong business practice that leads to financial gains and an attractive workplace.” To read the article, please click here.