Q&A With Oot Focuses on Transition to Shook and eDiscovery Non-Profit

Shook, Hardy & Bacon eDiscovery, Data & Document Management Partner Patrick Oot is the subject of an online interview appearing June 3, 2014, on the Recommind blog in a post authored by the legal software company’s eDiscovery Counsel Drew Lewis. Oot’s distinction as former in-house counsel for a Fortune 16 company and senior counsel at a federal regulatory agency is highlighted as Oot explains what motivated him to join Shook’s e-compliance and digital investigations team.

Noting that he and friend Shook Partner Amor Esteban were already working together on “some very challenging international data privacy issues,” Oot cites the firm’s market leadership position in many practice areas and its strong vision for diversity. He also discusses the non-profit Electronic Discovery Institute that he launched with the support of partners such as Recommind and the Georgetown Law Center to educate the profession “on matters at the intersection of technology and the law.” He reports how the project has expanded beyond its initial focus on the effectiveness of predictive coding. Among other matters, Oot observes that compliance preparedness, data governance, cross-border compliance and cybersecurity are some of the key challenges facing corporations today.