Saikali to Co-Chair Sedona Conference Data Security Working Group

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Data Security & Data Privacy Partner Al Saikali will co-chair the Sedona Conference’s new Working Group (WG11) on Data Security and Privacy Liability. Among other things, WG11 members have been charged with authoring (i) an overview of “reasonable” and “unreasonable” information security measures and (ii) primers focused on the data security and privacy aspects of trends in statutory law, civil litigation and enforcement actions.

“The purpose of the primers is not to provide a summary of the laws, it is to identify the practical takeaways from the statutes and case law that have developed,” Saikali was quoted as saying in a July 9, 2014, Law Technology News article. “Organizations can use [the primers] to get a better sense of their potential exposure, the existing legal risks, developing trends in civil litigation and statutory liability, and how other organizations have sought to minimize these risks.”