Shook’s ISO Certification Featured in CIO Magazine

Shook, Hardy & Bacon’s ISO 27001 certification is featured in CIO Magazine’s September/October 2015 issue

In the article, Shook Chair John Murphy explains that protection of client data was the number one reason why Shook made the investment in the certification. “We wanted to make sure we had the processes in place so clients had confidence that were doing the best we could,” Murphy said.

Murphy also mentions that potential clients increasingly ask prospective law firms about data security practices, even specifically inquiring about ISO certification. 

Shook CIO John Anderson further details how the firm has leveraged its ISO 27001 certification. “When we do pitches to clients, it’s something we mention, because it’s a differentiator,” Anderson said. “It’s a competitive advantage right now.”

Earlier this year, Shook was one of CIO’s 100 honorees for its annual CIO 100 Awards.