Shook Victory for LA Truck Centers Named a Top Defense Verdict

Shook, Hardy & Bacon’s trial victory for LA Truck Centers in Chen v. LA Truck Centers was named to Courtroom View Network’s 2015 Top 10 Defense Verdicts list, occupying the #3 slot. Shook Partners Doug Robinson and Janet Hickson represented LA Truck Centers in the trial that concluded in April 2015.

The suit stemmed from a tour bus rollover that killed two passengers and left eight others with severe injuries.

Robinson and Hickson faced plaintiffs firm Girardi & Keese, which sought $58 million in the product liability suit. They successfully made the case that LA Truck Centers complied with federal safety standards and that the tour bus was specifically ordered without seat belts by a tour operator in order to save money.

CVN ranked trials by the amount of money at stake and the verdict's broader impact.