Saikali Quoted by Law360 on Preventing Data Breaches

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Partner and Data Security and Privacy group co-chair Al Saikali weighs in on ways to prevent data breaches in an April 26 Law360 article, “Data Breach Report Calls for Race to Catch Up with Hackers.”

Looking at the scope of cybersecurity issues facing companies, the article highlights a report from Verizon Enterprise Solutions. In summarizing Verizon’s report, the author says, “[I]t took hackers minutes or less to compromise systems in 93 percent of the 2,260 breaches that Verizon analyzed, and the infiltrators were able to extract the data from the system within days in more than 98 percent of the incidents.” The author also reports, “[T]he targets of these breaches didn’t find out they’d been breached for weeks or more in 83 percent of the cases.”

Saikali says, “I would suggest the need for organizations to undertake proactive security assessments through forensic companies, at the direction of counsel, to identify potential weaknesses and determine whether they are already compromised.”