Vrasmasu Quoted on Complications of 3-D Printing in Regard to Product Liability Law

Shook Hardy & Bacon Partner Mihai Vrasmasu discusses “3-D Printing Set to Disrupt Products Liability Law” in a May 24 Legal Intelligencer article.

In regard to how product liability attorneys should deal with 3-D printing companies, the author of the article summarizes Vrasmasu's analysis into three categories, “when a manufacturer buys or licenses a design that is used to print the product, when a manufacturer modifies that file before printing the product, and when a manufacturer designs the file."

The article delves into the importance of using contracts to clearly outline liability. Vrasmasu advises that companies should consider requiring that file designers provide defense indemnification agreements and suggests that 3-D printing companies should establish quality control protocols that are rigorous and well-documented.