Law and Nassihi Appointed to Uniform Law Commission Committee

Shook, Hardy & Bacon San Francisco Partners Grant Law and Amir Nassihi will serve as advisors for the Study Committee on Event Data Recorders in Cars. The committee is a collaborative effort involving the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (ULC) and the American Bar Association. Their one-year terms begin in July 2017.

The Committee will study “the need for and feasibility of uniform or model state legislation concerning event data recorders in cars.”  Event data recorders (EDR) refers to technologies such as “black boxes” and “sensing and diagnostic modules” used to record information, such as “vehicle speed, occupants’ seat belt use, vehicle location, and brake usage.” 

Law and Nassihi will work with the committee to consider questions raised by the installation of EDRs: privacy issues; disclosure requirements; ownership of data; use of EDR data as evidence; access to and data retrieval for use by law enforcement or others; use required by or retrieved by insurers; and use of EDR data as evidence in legal proceedings.