Geraghty Gives Career Advice to Young Product Liability Attorneys in Law360

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Miami Managing Partner Bill Geraghty offers advice to young product liability attorneys in a September 19 Law360 article, “5 Ways PL Attys Can Boost Chances of Becoming Partner.”

Geraghty notes that young attorneys often overlook the importance of learning how to read medical records. He shares an anecdote about a time early in his career when he worked with a more experienced medical malpractice attorney and spent significant time reading doctors’ records. “I learned so much about medicine and the way doctors think,” Geraghty says. “It proved to be extremely helpful to make that jump from doing research and writing to then starting to take depositions of plaintiffs about their medical history and things written in their records.”

Explaining that the prescribing doctor for a patient is a major witness in pharmaceutical cases, Geraghty notes that understanding a doctor’s decision in prescribing a particular drug can help an attorney prepare for and take an effective deposition of that doctor.

Geraghty advises young talent to explore different areas and develop unique skills. “Maybe you’re really good at taking depositions or writing winning motions,” he says. Ultimately, Geraghty recommends that young lawyers work on both their writing and oral communication skills, explaining, “That’s how you grab the attention of more senior lawyers.”