Saikali Discusses GC Concern About Outside Counsel Cybersecurity in Corporate Counsel

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Data Security and Privacy Group Co-Chair Al Saikali discusses general counsel response to law firm cyberattacks in a December 16 Corporate Counsel article, “GCs are Questioning Their Outside Counsel About Cybersecurity.”

As 2016 was a year filled with law firm cyberattack stories, Saikali shares, “We’re receiving more questions now from clients about what safeguards we have in place to protect their data.” He adds, “Two years ago, we wouldn’t have received half as many of the requests as we receive now.”

Saikali mentions that in order to address the heightened concern about law firm vulnerability to cyberattacks, some in-house attorneys have devised greater security measurement plans such as detailed checklists regarding incident response teams, plan of action, history of cyberattacks and regular security audits.