Saikali Weighs in on Missouri AG Probe of Google’s Use of Personal Data

According to an article by Bloomberg BNA, Missouri may be signaling its intention to aggressively protect consumer data privacy with its recent announcement of an investigation into how Google uses that data. Bloomberg reports that Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced November 13 that the state is investigating the California-based company; among the issues reportedly being investigated are how the company collects and uses customer data and the privacy promises it makes. 

Bloomberg interviewed Al Saikali, chair of the data security and privacy practice at Shook, for "Missouri's Google Probe May Signal More Aggressive Enforcement." “If I’m a company with business in Missouri, I’m double checking my consumer-facing privacy promises today to make sure we’re complying with them,” Saikali said. Hawley’s investigation “does suggest that Missouri has become a place to watch where enforcement could become more active.”