Shook Supports New Mentorship E-Discovery Program Aimed at Elevating Diverse Professionals

As reported in Legaltech News November 5, The Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI) has launched a mentorship program aimed at bringing historically disenfranchised communities into the discovery industry. The EDI Diversity Mentorship Program pairs newcomers to the eDiscovery market with established mentors to help them forge a path toward leadership in the eDiscovery community. EDI leaders announced the new program at risk management and insurance group Zurich North America’s headquarters. The program announced a small group of its first mentor-mentee pairs, with mentors drawn from companies like Google, Barclays and KPMG.

Patrick Oot, EDI co-founder and co-chair of Shook’s data and discovery strategies practice group, added that the mentorship program aims to leverage the experience of eDiscovery old hands to help newer voices rise through the ranks.

“The mentorship will provide a path for junior practitioners to navigate complex relationships, new opportunities and a support system of resources through EDI’s network of connections. Getting folks plugged in to the community is probably the best thing we can do to help them rise through the ranks,” Oot told Legaltech News.