Shook Results Named Among Ten Best Prescription Drug/Medical Device Decisions in 2017

Drug & Device Law has selected two Shook results to include in its Top Ten Prescription Drug/Medical Device Product Liability Decisions of 2017. The decisions are:

Cerveny vs. Aventis: Shook Of Counsel Bill Northrip and Partner Eric Swan represented Aventis; at issue in Cerveny was whether Aventis failed to warn the plaintiffs of the risk of using fertility drug Clomid to become pregnant. The complaint alleged that Clomid causes birth defects in women who take it before pregnancy, in part because it has a long half-life and can remain in a woman’s blood into the second month of pregnancy.

Eike v. Allergan, IncShook Partners Lori McGroder, Jim Muehlberger and Of Counsel Doug Maddock represented Allergan, Inc. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit decertified and dismissed with prejudice a class action alleging the packaging of prescription eye drops produced by several pharmaceutical companies dispensed too much product at once, causing users to waste the excess in each dose.