The Wall Street Journal Speaks to Shook's Al Saikali on Biometric Privacy Lawsuits

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Shook, Hardy & Bacon Partner Al Saikali about the wave of biometric privacy lawsuits affecting those in the retail, hospitality, restaurant and Internet industries, among others. Saikali leads the firm's Data and Discovery Strategies team with an emphasis on Privacy and Data Security.

Reporter Adam Janofsky

Employers that use fingerprint scanners to clock their employees in and out of work have been hit with a wave of class-action lawsuits in recent months under an Illinois privacy statute that covers such so-called biometric technology.

More than 50 companies, including United Airlines owner United Continental Holdings Inc., Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc., and the restaurant chain Hooters Inc., have faced such lawsuits, according to Al Saikali, a partner at Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. who chairs the law firm’s privacy and data security practice.

“All of a sudden biometric information privacy law has become a really hot topic in the last three months, and it really wasn’t on anyone’s radar six months ago,” said Mr. Saikali, who currently represents several companies that have been sued for these practices.

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