Shook Partners to Lead Discussions at Sedona Conference

Shook Partners Al Saikali, Bill Sampson and Cory Fisher are each participating in the 11th annual meeting of the Sedona Conference Working Group on Data Security and Privacy Liability, March 19-20, 2018, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Saikali is on the panel for both the “Welcome & Overview” and, “What’s Next for WG11? A Dialogue on Progress Made, and the Next Steps for the Working Group,” both on March 19. He is also a panelist for “Biometric Privacy Liability” on March 20.

Sampson is a panelist for “Data Security and Privacy Issues in Civil Litigation” on March 19.

Fisher is on the panel for “Data Security and Privacy Legal Issues in Artificial Intelligence” on March 19.

The conference focuses on updated work product in need of WG11 member review and comment, including privilege in the data security litigation context, law firm data security and data security and privacy issues in civil litigation.