Sastre Talks Defense Strategy with The Daily Business Review

Hildy Sastre, administrative managing partner of Shook’s Miami office, gives The Daily Business Review an inside look at defending large corporations in the article, “Defending Against Anti-Corporate Sentiment, Shook Hardy’s Hildy Sastre Talks Strategy.” 

Her strategy starts with jury selection. "You have to make sure you are getting people that are willing to be fair to a corporation, that are willing to wait and listen to the evidence coming from both sides, not just the plaintiff," Sastre said. 

Next, she presents details in a way that gives jurors an answer to the question they always ask: why did this happen? Her other advice covers the seemingly negative effect of plaintiffs seeking high damage requests (which Sastre suggests usually, in fact, works in her favor).
“I think that sometimes those numbers can actually offend some juries,” Sastre said. “Juries tend to see the case is about money and that the lawyers are overreaching.”
The article also touches on Sastre’s trial successes and accomplishments, in addition to her work mentoring young attorneys.