Proactive Security Is Key for Public Utilities to Avoid Cyberattacks, Saikali Tells Law360

Public utilities should prepare for potential cyberattacks from foreign state-backed hackers, according to a new study by the State of Connecticut. Law360 reports that the study reviewed four state utilities and found the companies are “extremely vulnerable,” and in some cases, “deflect up to a million cyber probes a day.”

One area of concern involved phishing emails that, in some cases, convinced employees to enter login information into false websites. Al Saikali, Chair of Shook's Privacy and Data Security Practice, told Law360, “This phenomenon presents one of the main cyberattack risks utilities face.”

Saikali said, “Because public entities work with many vendors, who in turn have subcontractors, there are a large number of less-secure third parties with access to utilities’ systems and information." He reinforced the need to “implement new security measures which can help utilities stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threats.”