GSK Litigation Group Selects Shook for Inclusion and Diversity Award

Litigation attorneys at GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, have selected Shook, Hardy & Bacon for their 2018 “Inclusion and Diversity Award.” Shook was selected for its commitment to diversity internally and externally, which includes developing diverse litigation teams to work with clients.

“This year, it was pretty clear that Shook was far and ahead of what other firms are doing. Many firms are doing good work, but we were so impressed with Shook for the culture it has created within the firm,” said GSK Assistant General Counsel and Global Legal Lead of Inclusion & Diversity Elizabeth Feeney. “The makeup of the litigation teams Shook provided GSK was also a big factor. They’ve done a terrific job for us.”

Shook recognizes that fostering diversity creates a broader, richer environment that helps produce innovative solutions for clients.