Trask Publishes Updated Class Action Playbook

Jurisdictional and cy pres settlement issues were two of the most important class action law areas of interest in 2018, according to the updated “Class Action Playbook" by Shook Of Counsel Andrew Trask and co-author Brian Anderson. 

Widely considered to be the “go to" reference on class action law, the book is in its seventh edition. Each year, Trask and Anderson review substantive class action cases and distill them down for readers with takeaways and guidance for the upcoming year.

Trask says the book appeals to new lawyers and very experienced practitioners. It is published by Matthew Bender and is available at LexisNexis.

Trask has co-authored several books on class actions, updates class action-related news on Twitter@ClassStrategist and has testified before Congress on potential class action reforms.