Shook Hosts Legal Profession Well-Being Speaker Patrick Krill

Globally known attorney and speaker Patrick Krill addressed the “health of the legal profession” as part of Shook’s ongoing commitment to wellness for its employees. Krill is a leading authority on addiction, mental health and well-being among attorneys and professional staff.

Krill told Shook employees, “Lawyers are significantly more likely to struggle with substance abuse, depression and anxiety than the general population and often it is junior attorneys and women, although anyone can be at risk.”

Earlier this year, Shook along with 39 other law firms across the country, committed to the American Bar Association’s Well-Being Pledge Campaign, which aims to reduce substance abuse and mental health issues in the legal profession. Since then, the number of firms signing the pledge has more than tripled.

The ABA is committed to providing resources to its members, including a directory of Lawyer Assistance Programs (LAPS), which provides confidential services and support to judges, lawyers and law students facing substance abuse or mental health issues.