Peregrine Falcons Return to Shook Nest Box, Livestream “Falcon Cam” Now Available

Shook is one of four locations in the Kansas City metro area to be the home of a nest box for falcons.  Kansas Citians can now view the falcons remotely via the livestream available on YouTube. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), in partnership with private businesses and other conservation partners, has installed nest boxes high on city buildings near the Plaza including American Century Investments, where the livestream feeds originate.  Another area livestream is feeding north of Kansas City from a nest box atop the latan Power Plant in Weston, Missouri.

These falcons are returning home after migrating last June with new chicks potentially hatching this month.

"All nests have eggs and incubation is occurring," said Joe Debold, urban wildlife biologist said in a MDC statement.