The American Lawyer Speaks to Shook Partner About Sharing Democracy With Children

The American Lawyer spoke to lawyers about how they are passing the time while the nation waits for election results. Reporter Dylan Jackson interviewed Shook Partner Alexandra Bach Lagos about how she spent Election Day. 

“I cleared my calendar for Election Day months ago,” Bach Lagos told the national legal publication. “I wanted to spend the day with my nine-year-old son—showing him democracy in action. We visited our local polling station, went to a special lunch together and watched the election results together. My son was very engaged in the election this year, and I think it will be an event he remembers forever!”

Other lawyers interviewed said they were trying to “reduce distractions and focus on the business at hand.”

When she’s not teaching her son about democracy, Bach Lagos defends consumer product makers in personal injury and wrongful death actions. She is a past president of the Miami-Dade Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, the largest bar association for women lawyers in South Florida.