Missouri Lawyers Weekly Features Shook Partner's Role in Defining Reasonable Security Practices

“I think the Sedona Conference hopes that the ideas advanced in this Commentary will be adopted by the courts and by regulators,” Sampson said to MLW.


Sampson got involved with the Sedona Conference through his colleague, Al Saikali who leads Shook’s Privacy and Data Security Practice. Sampson says there is no “one-size-fits-all” standard. He gave MLW an example of a “rural health provider weighing whether to use a standard form of data security such as multifactor authentication to access medical records. Inserting that extra step might prevent someone from accessing patient information if a laptop were to be stolen. But it also might prevent a doctor from getting critical information about a patient in an area with spotty cell service.”


Although typically a product liability, commercial class action and business litigator, Sampson used his 50 years of legal experience to help make “the trains run on time.”


The public can weigh in on the Commentary until November 18.