Shook Partner Interviewed by Fox4 on the Legalities of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Employees

Shook Partner Bill Martucci was interviewed by Fox4 News in Kansas City on whether employers can legally require employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Martucci noted that businesses have a responsibility to have a safe and healthy workplace, but there are unknowns legally about vaccine mandates, and communication between employer and employee is key.

“It does favor employers to have rules in place,” Martucci said, “but I think employers will be very thoughtful about how they lay this out—the educational process, the interactive process with employees—and in 30 or 60 days we’ll know a whole lot more.” 

Martucci practices nationally in business and employment litigation, with a focus on complex class action (employment discrimination and wage-and-hour, including California) litigation, as well as high-stakes executive disputes, whistleblower matters and unfair competition. He serves as the practice leader of the Shook National Employment Litigation and Policy Practice.