Science-Driven Lawyers Launch Shook New York Presence

Expanding its strong bench of litigators based in the Northeast, Shook, Hardy & Bacon announces the addition of a New York office to complement its presence in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The firm welcomes two new partners who focus primarily on high-stakes product liability litigation in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, among other areas. 

“We’ve had our eye on New York for some time because so many of our clients are based there,” stated Shook Chair Madeleine McDonough, who divides her time between Washington, D.C. and Kansas City. “With offices in Boston, Philadelphia and D.C., the decision to expand into Manhattan is a natural progression. We searched for the right attorneys to better serve clients and align with our firm culture, and we have found them with this pair.”

Partners Thomas Sheehan and Kimberly Penner have represented some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Each has a long history working with Shook. Sheehan led his prior firm’s Science Team Practice and brings more than 20 years of high-stakes product liability litigation in biologic products. He also brings an M.S. in epidemiology to his practice of the law. Penner has represented some of the world’s most recognized pharmaceutical brands, with a focus on life sciences and health effects. She brings an M.S. in biochemistry and has extensive experience managing litigations spanning multiple jurisdictions.

“The lure for us is Shook’s integration of law and science and their dominance in the pharmaceutical sphere,” stated Sheehan. “It’s the perfect marriage between how we serve pharmaceutical clients and where we want to practice.”

Penner was drawn to Shook’s scientific prowess which includes an in-house team of scientists and other individuals with advanced degrees to help prepare the expert-related aspects of their complex cases. The firm is known for having one of the largest team of product liability trial lawyers in the country. Penner says she has worked with Shook attorneys in product liability litigation across the country for more than 30 years.

“Shook is the whole package. They bring a strong science focus with unmatched analysts and support staff, combined with preeminence in pharmaceutical product liability litigation,” stated Penner. “It’s a very good fit for us, and we are excited to help shepherd the launch of the New York office.”

The Northeast expansion follows the opening of new Shook offices in 2019 in Atlanta and Los Angeles, allowing the firm to serve its health, science and technology clients from 16 distinct markets. Shook’s Product Liability Litigation Practice is co-led by Alicia Donahue and Hildy Sastre. The firm has represented more than 30 pharmaceutical and medical companies as national or regional counsel in matters involving more than 60 products.

“This is an exciting way to kick off the new year,” stated McDonough. “Tom and Kimberly will quickly integrate and hit the ground running to help our clients.”