Shook Associate Featured in Super Bowl LV Commercial Celebrating Black Creators

Shook Associate Shannon Schoultz was featured in a photography series in a commercial during Super Bowl LV showcasing the work of photographer Kristen Gordon, a Life Scholarship Recipient from the South Carolina Education Lottery. Learn more about her relationship with Gordon and how she found out about her commercial appearance.

Q: How did you first meet Kristen Gordon and become involved with her photography work?

A: Kristen and I attended the University of South Carolina together from 2008-2012. We were in different sororities, but bonded over being Black women at a predominately white institution and our love for community and culture. Kristen started her photography business several years ago, and I was always so impressed with how well she captured the beauty of Black women and showcased their magic through photos. Kristen visited D.C. in 2019, and I jumped at the opportunity to get in front of her lens. She and I explored a few Smithsonian museums while she captured me with her unique lens, eye, greatness and passion.

Q: Were you aware that this commercial was going to include a photo of you? If not, how did you find out and what did you think?

A: I had no idea about the commercial! My phone started blowing up during the 3rd quarter of the game, and it was such a wonderful surprise to see the commercial and our brown faces. I was filled with so much honor and gratitude. And pure excitement. 

Q: How important do you think it is that a commercial with such an important message like this was aired during the Super Bowl to potentially millions of viewers?

A: It is incredibly important that we continue to highlight and honor Black voices and art. Showing millions of viewers how powerful, beautiful, creative and strong Black women are is an incredible story to share and I am so honored to have been a part of such important messaging. 

Schoultz can be seen at the four-second mark in the ad.