IAAP Reports on Shook Partner Shaping Florida Data Privacy Bill

With the finalization of SB 1734, a bill which would create the Florida Privacy Protection Act that will require businesses to inform consumers what information they are collecting about them and how it will be used, Shook Partner Al Saikali is being recognized for what is not in the bill. 

Saikali, who is chair of Shook’s Privacy and Data Security Practice, testified before The Florida Senate Rules Committee in favor of the removal of the private right of action amendment from the bill, which was removed from the bill’s final version. 

In “Whittled Florida Privacy Bill Moves Forward,” the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) reported on Saikali’s testimony, including Saikali’s stating that keeping the private right of action amendment would, “create a cottage industry of plaintiffs lawyers filing ‘gotcha’ lawsuits.”

Saikali was quoted earlier this year by Law360 on his assessment of the proposed legislation that has been compared to California’s extensive data privacy law. Saikali’s concerns included the broad definition of what is considered personal information and the legal consequences, especially for small and mid-size businesses. The modified Florida Data Privacy Act will now move forward to a vote on the Florida Senate floor.